An Evening with a Flamenco Composer

A private guitar concert & your guide in the Tablao

We will enjoy an intimate flamenco Guitar Concert at the most prominent Flamenco Dance Academy of Spain; In this live flamenco music show, we will make a short trip through the peninsula to dive into the history of this art form through the sounds and melodies of the guitar. This flamenco show will tell anecdotes about the different theories so you can choose and understand what is behind the dance, the guitar, and the voice. A true story that has passed through many generations and is alive in all flamenco events.

After de guitar concert, where we will study in depth the origin of Flamenco culture, the different Palos of Spanish music, the meaning of cante jondo, works of poets like García Lorca, and a glance at flamenco music theory by the hand of a flamenco guitarist, we will go to a traditional Tablao flamenco near the Academy, where you will be able to see other flamenco artists and differentiate all the codes the flamenco artists use in their flamenco shows and understand how they communicate with each other during their improvisation in the performance. 

Join me in understanding the secrets of this great music that has been growing along with the history of the Iberian Peninsula. Feel free to ask for other slots if you don’t find your day or time in the schedule.

This musical experience is excellent for team building; consider booking a private concert for your team. 

  • Jane
    What an amazing experience with Santiago! After meeting up with Santiago at the designated location, we followed him upstairs to the Flamenco dance studio. He pointed out famous guitarists and dancers in the many photos on the walls. Then he proceeded to play wonderful flamenco music on his guitar in a studio room while explaining the different flamenco styles in between the melodies. Santiago is well equipped to answer questions about the history of flamenco in the Iberian peninsula as well as other parts of the world. We then walked together to a flamenco show at a nearby tablao. He sat with us, and in between numbers, he explained a bit more about what was happening. The show was fantastic! It was nice to not have to worry about shopping around for a great show because we found it right here with Santiago.
  • Michael
    I was able to spend an evening alone with Santiago listening to flamenco music. It was a special treat. Santiago is very knowledgable of the art form and history. He had a wealth of information that I couldn't take it all in. I wish I had spent another day with him. He is enthusiastic and in love with flamenco and the artists were incredible. I was able to see both a student show and a professional show and both were magical. You get much more out of seeing flamenco when you are with Santiago.
  • Maeve
    Santiago is a beautiful person that puts his heart and soul into what he does. His personal passion, deep knowledge and dedication to music and the style of Flamenco pour over into the stories he tells and the music he shares. This was such a unique experience, anyone wanting a local and authentic taste of this powerful tradition would be wise to do it with Santiago.
  • Cyrus
    Santiago has a wonderful, easygoing way of sharing his passion for flamenco guitar and flamenco culture. I was the only one in the class on this particular evening and felt blessed to listen to him play the guitar. In between performing, he deftly shared key historical information that truly deepened my understanding of flamenco. The flamenco show that capped the evening was truly dynamic and top-notch--with singers, musicians, and dancers who were inventive and on fire! I absolutely recommend this evening of flamenco in Madrid with the very impressive Santiago.
  • M. Andrea
    Wow! Loved loved loved this experience- my favorite of Madrid! If you love music, flamenco, and learning about how it connects to culture and history- you have to do this! I traveled alone and had this experience on my own and had a blast! Santiago is an incredibly kind and wise soul. It can’t be easy to play a concert for one person, but I was blown away, not just by his music but by his genuine kindness and super cool knowledge. I did the tableo experience and felt totally excited the whole time. Such a treat! Santiago is the best!
  • Jon Matthew
    It is clear that Santiago’s heart is deeply invested in and connected with this experience that he offers. He is genuinely knowledgeable about everything he shares with you, and then afterwards he takes you to the best place to show you the live practice of this amazing musical art form. I highly recommend Santiago and this experience to anyone who loves the timeless gift of music.
  • Kanoa
    Such a wonderful experience. The music is so beautiful and Santiago is a wonderful beautiful guitar player. I happened to be the only guest that day but it was just really beautiful and magical. The flamenco performance was next level. Thank you so much.
  • Ellen
    Santiago was a magnificent Host for our Flamenco experience! It was our first trip to Madrid and also our first experience with flamenco - he made it a unique one, as 1) we were the only ones there :), which made it very special for us as a couple and we were able to ask all our questions 2) the atmosphere was very private and personal (he served some Barcelona red wine and it felt like a friend playing a small living room concert) 3) he is very passionate about his work and art and communicated well with us (his English is VERY good!) 4) the tablao he took us to, right after he played for us at the Amor de Dios Flamenco school, was amazing, 39,- p.p. we had to pay extra, were definitely worth it. We sat down, had some wine and listened to the fantastic flamenco group (3 dancers, 1 singer and a guitar player), until midnight. I must say, when the singer started we were blown away! Santi has a very positive vibe and is a fun person to be with. Muchas Gracias Santiago!!!