Flamenco Kids

Online Flamenco Show for Educational Institutions

We all know the importance of flamenco in Spanish music. It is a language that not only gives us the power to express our deepest feelings, but it is the ark where we have kept the most precious and authentic intangible heritage, where we have preserved the legacy of the generations that have preceded us. It is the voice of our memory, and wherever it goes, the public will identify flamenco music as something sacred and mysterious.

With my flamenco guitar, we will understand the mysteries of the etymology revealed in children’s songs, in the names of foods, in flamenco lyrics, and in the flamenco styles’ names, the different Palos. We will make this approach to the etymology with the poetry of García Lorca and the songs of cante jondo, accompanied by numerous anecdotes and stories, with accurate dates and events, which will help us to understand not only flamenco artists but also the peculiarities of Spanish language transmitted orally through the generations since the late Middle Ages.

The Andalusian is a palimpsest of languages, a memory niche full of traces of all the cultures that inhabit our throats and souls. In this experience, we will also talk about how the musical modes and ancient melodies of Spain are imitating our accents, putting these poems into music with the help of the dance, the cante, and the guitarists in the flamenco shows. Finally, we will discuss the construction based on ancient poetic forms and how linguistic phenomena have transformed the words, the symbolism, and the syncretism of many words characteristic of this art form.

This musical experience is great for team-building, educational institutions, and language schools, even if it’s your first time with flamenco. You can get your tickets online with a special discount on Saturday.


  • Keith
    I thoroughly enjoyed Santiagos guitar playing and presentation on Spanish music - composition and history. Even though I've been to Spain many times I didn't realize the depth of music history there. Very entertaining!
  • Daksh
    My team had a great time with Santiago who is as skilled with the guitar as he is insightful about the history of flamenco, would definitely recommend for team events!
  • Edward
    This was such an incredible online experience! Santiago was extremely kind in setting up an alternate date after my girlfriend fell sick for the original one. We felt completely transported out of our day-to-day lives into this magical world of flamenco. Santiago is not only a charismatic and technically impressive performer, he was also a great story teller, weaving in videos, tracks and historical pictures into a whirlwind tour of Spain and the regional history of this fascinating musical genre. We’ve been listening to flamenco playlists since (and Santiago even kindly sent us one he made!) and are already planning a trip around them to learn more. Can’t recommend enough! Incredible date night idea!
  • Marguerite
    My sister and I booked this experience to enjoy together for my mom’s Christmas present. We all love flamenco music and she already knew quite a bit. But not was the music amazing and intricate but we also learned so much about the history and variety of styles of Flamenco. I 100% recommend!
  • Danita
    This is a great way to spend some time learning a style of music and the history and cultural background that goes with it.
  • Susanne
    A wonderful and intimate expetience with a very knowledgable and welcoming host. A great musical and historical presentation that was done in a very creative way. The passion of the presenter was truly evident.