Flamenco Mysteries

The missing chapter of Flamenco

We will enjoy an intimate online flamenco Guitar Concert from Madrid. In this live flamenco show, we will dive into the history of flamenco through the traditional melodies the artists perform at the tablao shows.

In this event, you will be able to differentiate all the codes the dance uses in the flamenco shows and understand how they communicate with each other during their improvisation at the tablao flamenco, the different Palos of Spanish music, the meaning of cante jondo, works of poets like García Lorca, and a glance at flamenco music theory by the hand of a flamenco guitarist, in addition, you will see how we compose our music based on the traditional art form of Spain.

The songs are composed by myself and based on authentic flamenco styles and traditions; the point of this experience is to connect with the arts through what the Moorish called “Duende,” which brings clarity and wisdom through the rhythms and melodies.

I have been doing flamenco experiences with Airbnb for over five years; you can see my videos on @flamencocomposer and read the reviews on my Airbnb profile!

During the concert, we will have the opportunity to analyze some fascinating photos and videos of flamenco, its most relevant flamenco dancers and guitarist, and how the most pertinent flamenco artists have changed the history of this art and why.

Join me in my performance to understand the secrets of this great music without moving from your city and to see how flamenco events have been growing along with the history of the Iberian Peninsula.

This musical experience is great for team-building, educational institutions, and language schools, even if it’s your first time with flamenco. You can get your tickets online with a special discount on Saturday.

  • Keith
    I thoroughly enjoyed Santiagos guitar playing and presentation on Spanish music - composition and history. Even though I've been to Spain many times I didn't realize the depth of music history there. Very entertaining!
  • Susanne
    A wonderful and intimate experience with a very knowledgable and welcoming host. A great musical and historical presentation that was done in a very creative way. The passion of the presenter was truly evident.
  • Amanda
    Santiago is an excellent guitarist. And he is very patient to explain all flamenco history and different styles. I like this concert very much.
  • Aissa Bianca
    It was a great experience! It was very interesting to learn about the history of Flamenco music throughout the years, and such a treat to hear it performed live for you. Santiago is also provides wonderful visual aids to help you visualize his stories, which I really appreciated! I also appreciate that he took his time to answer our questions after his mini concert. Thank you so much!
  • Abigail
    What a wonderful experience! It was my mom's birthday, and she loves Flamenco. Santiago performed a private concert for her and also provided an informative, entertaining and creative overview of the history and styles of Flamenco. Highly recommend this experience.
  • Sarah
    The music was beautiful and mixed with a great education on the styles and history of Flamenco. I wish we could’ve done it in person, but it worked for a virtual experience.
  • Chun
    It's a pleasure to meet my host and got to chat about Flamenco music history as well as listening to the original pieces on guitar during our session. Highly recommended!
  • Jeff
    This is my third time using Santiago for my Spanish class and the kids love it. He’s a great musician and storyteller and has a great set up!