Puerta de La Estrella

flamenco composer

22 de septiembre de 2022
Santiago Abello
Flamenco Composer
Producer: Santiago Abello

These are some compositions in which I have tried, as a flamenco composer, to summarize my learning in recent years in Spanish music production. I have mixed the melodies of my flamenco guitar with synthesizers to carry out an instrumental music project that will accompany the flamenco dance and cante jondo. I will also include old pieces from our flamenco musical legacy. This music and its different Palos reflects also the story that I want to share with you here: https://www.flamencocomposer.com/my-story

For thousands of years, music has been one natural way to transcend other states of consciousness.

Puerta de La Estrella

This song symbolizes a door in the wall of Ávila through which I entered to compose my songs 15 years ago. The history that hides the walled city and its gates moved me as a flamenco composer by giving me clues about my history and so reorganizing in a better way my ideas. I wanted to capture the symbolism in our day-to-day life through these flamenco styles, Tangos, that have the Rumba chorus. I use to play it in my flamenco shows.

Tango Tarantas

This song is a composition by Tangos Flamencos, with a synthesized bass line and the percussion of the guitar strums. A new way of producing my pieces where the guitar has all the protagonism, I have tried to make a chill-out, leaving what is essential to hear the details of the guitar.

Coqui The Chef

A composition that I commissioned for an online cooking program in which I also participate is called Coqui The Chef. They are some flamenco Tangos with the chorus by Tarantas, down to earth, just the opposite of what is usually done in the choruses. I hope you like it!

El Faro

One of my first compositions was on the island of Menorca in Spain. The sun, the air, the coves, and that nature made it very easy to compose music, and the melodies were whispered in the ear. I was on the island for six months and brought many compositions that I later produced little by little in Madrid; many of them, like this one, are awaiting completion.