My Story

My name is Santi. Since my childhood, I have had the opportunity to listen to live music with my family; although my story has not been straightforward, I have always had the refuge of music. From a very young age, I had an organ with only two octaves on which I could hear all the melodies I could not yet play. Music and poetry were always a great mystery in my childhood, and trying to solve them was my whole intention.

In my early youth, I came to the neighborhood of Lavapies in central Madrid, where I left my studies for a teaching degree to be able to play with the gypsy musicians of my community. Musicians like Joaquín Cortés, Piraña, and Diego el Cigala have come out of Lavapies… And I was able to learn from all of them, as well as from the musicians of Paco de Lucía’s first sextet, who made me interested in the history of Flamenco in those classes at the house of our friends that lasted all day, where we cooked and chatted all afternoon.

I learned flamenco music after having worked for several years playing drums in jazz groups; I was nineteen years old when I left percussion forever and started studying guitar, thanks to the motivation of how difficult the instrument was for me, of the challenges that it offered. But also of the rewards it had, harmony and finally being able to create the melodies I played so much on my instrument. The Amor De Dios Flamenco School was my learning center for decades; playing in dance classes, I mastered the styles, which today, thanks to the versatility of flamenco, I can vary and add elements with the freedom of someone who knows that music always It has been a melting pot of cultures.

Five years ago, I started giving talks-recitals with my guitar in the company Airbnb, which allowed me to play in more than a thousand concerts in recent years, both from the Amor De Dios academy with my friends and from home with the online technology that we enjoy today. I hope it will serve as a tool to transmit culture and beauty to all corners of this beautiful world.