An Evening with a Flamenco Composer

11 de octubre de 2022
Anton Martin, Madrid
Amor de Dios Flamenco Academy
An Evening with a Flamenco Composer
Flamenco Composer

We will enjoy an intimate flamenco Guitar Concert at the most prominent Flamenco Dance Academy of Spain; In this live concert, we will make a short trip through the peninsula to dive into the history of this art form through the sounds and melodies of the guitar. This flamenco show will tell anecdotes about the different theories so you can choose and understand what is behind the dance, the guitar, and the voice. A true story that has passed through many generations and is alive in all flamenco events.

After de guitar concert, where we will have studied in depth the origin of Flamenco culture, we will go to a traditional Tablao flamenco near the Academy, where you will be able to see other flamenco artists and differentiate all the codes the flamenco artists use in their flamenco shows and understand how they communicate with each other during their improvisation in the performance.

Join me in understanding the secrets of this great music that has been growing along with the history of the Iberian Peninsula. Feel free to ask for other slots if you don’t find your day or time in the schedule.

This Experience is great for team building; consider booking a private concert for your team. You can get your tickets online with a special discount on Saturday.