Coqui The Chef Experience

7 de diciembre de 2022
Brooklyn, NY
Coqui The Chef
Coqui The Chef Experience
Flamenco Composer

It was in the middle of the year 2020, doing my online flamenco performance with Airbnb, where I met Tania. She had booked the activity with a group of guests, and I still remember how quickly we connected professionally. A few days later, she called me to collaborate on his online cooking project, and we promptly integrated the flamenco show into her traditional paella cooking class.

Tania has admirable values; she knows how to lead a work team ideally and proposes creative ideas to carry out an online experience and integrate into them my flamenco shows. I have approximately twenty minutes to summarize my live music event with my guitar. Then, I talk about the dance at the tablao flamenco, its history, and the variety of flamenco artists you can find in the different flamenco events and this art form. At the same time, people enjoy the paella they have made in the cooking class, and it is a pleasure for me to collaborate with Tania, who, although we have not yet seen each other in person, I have as part of my family.

You can get your tickets online for this event and have my participation from Spain with lots of surprises.