Flamenco Discovery

3 de diciembre de 2022
Anton Martin, Madrid
Amor de Dios Flamenco Academy
Flamenco Discovery
Flamenco Composer

Enjoy an intimate live flamenco performance and let yourself be enchanted by the rhythm of the true flamenco tradition. My team, talented flamenco artists in dance and voice, will interpret in the event this art form’s main styles and melodies with my storytelling and my guitar.

In each style, we will explain its origin, what the flamenco lyrics talk about and what traditional flamenco means to us. Finally, you will see everything that flamenco shows have to offer and tell you: its motivation, inspiration, its leadership, how to overcome obstacles in the tablao, and the creation of beauty.

During this experience, you will taste wine from a small and rare winery. At the same time, you meet other flamenco lovers and discover this art’s incredible history, mysteries, and anecdotes by knowing the musicians and their stories.

Be welcome and feel integrated into this unique musical environment, different than the tablao flamenco and the rest of the flamenco events, where you can immerse yourself in the tales and facts of flamenco in these studios of the largest Flamenco Academy in Spain. Feel free to ask for other slots if you can’t find your day or time on the schedule.

This Experience is great for team building; consider booking a private concert for your team. There is also an online flamenco version; you can get your tickets online.