Online Experiences


Online flamenco shows about history and flamenco guitar concerts! At the end of 2020 Airbnb, starting the new year, a company with which I had been working for the last 5 years doing different flamenco events, contacted us to propose we immediately start activities in an online format.

This was a great challenge for many of us due to the little time we had and the format that, in principle, could be a limitation when creating content with respect to the face-to-face performance that we had been doing.

A month later we began our concerts and talks on history in the halls of our homes, and what could be a limitation at first, later led to a wider audience, with more affordable tickets, and with an immediacy that made these activities a good start to plan your next trip to Spain, or to introduce yourself live from home in worlds that you have never been before, understanding better the tablao flamenco and flamenco artists.

During the months of the year 2020 I performed more than 500 concerts at home, some even with dance, many evenings I had four concerts in a row and it was really a time when I felt very good sharing the knowledge I had about music and history. Today we continue with new formats, new adaptations of the experience and new period stories with a moral that make us think and reflect on values ​​such as communication, teamwork, adaptability, personal development, creativity, initiative, and many others. Without losing the traditional flamenco art form.