Verde que te quiero verde

Romance Sonámbulo

In this poem by Federico Garcia Lorca, we can see the symbolism related to Mediterranean mysticism also present in flamenco, and the one I talk about in my online flamenco concerts.

The poet wrote «Romancero Gitano» between 1924 and 1927, achieving 18 poems in the form of «romances,» where he explains in detail the atmosphere, the symbolism, and the legacy that the gypsies took from the Islam in the Península (711 A.D. – 1492)

The mystical trance is achieved by connecting the seven lights of the heart (love) with the green light that represents Unity, mostly with dance and live singing and percussion, always without forgetting that we are in a land of different cultures and religions, as shown in the drawing at the bottom of it. «Verde que te quiero verde» talks about death, trance, and inter-dimensional connection in a different way than the Romantic poets of the 19th century wrote about it.

In the poem, we can read that «things are looking at her and she can’t look at them» about the Eye of Horus; she is dying from love in the absence of the gypsy that has not come.

El barco sobre la mar
y el caballo en la montaña.

The boat on the sea and the horse on the mountain refer to the environment of the bandits. When the gypsy comes, he is mortally wounded. Nevertheless, he asks to go to the high railings, where the moon is, an element associated in the poem with water, meaning that an inter-dimensional journey is about to begin.

The gypsy, close to his death, repents and wants to change his past life for a real-life next to his lover. But the father, due to the trauma experienced with the end of his daughter, says that I am no longer me; not even my house is my house anymore

Pero yo ya no soy yo,
ni mi casa es ya mi casa.

Finally, the lover dies, and the night becomes intimate; in the small square drunken civil guards knock on the door, and life with its injustices remains

La noche su puso íntima
como una pequeña plaza.
Guardias civiles borrachos,
en la puerta golpeaban.
Verde que te quiero verde.
Verde viento. Verdes ramas.

García Lorca, Romancero Gitano

Although we have lost part of the trance in Spain at most flamenco events, the magic in traditional performances in the Tablao flamenco, flamenco shows, and flamenco artists today continue to offer part of this philosophy in the best flamenco shows in Madrid. Not only in flamenco dancing but also in flamenco guitar and flamenco signing.

If you are interested in knowing more about Federico Garcia Lorca and his relationship with a flamenco art form, I hope we can meet at my online music event.


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